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Hi Diane,
We just received our water bottles and LOVE them! Thank you so much for all your help through our ordering process. We would definitely purchase from you again. Have a wonderful day!
Tricia Usagawa
Research assistant
Dept of Native Hawaiian Health
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Slim Click Retractable Pen
P-0102 ~ As Low As: $0.41
The Pulse Pen
P-1280 ~ As Low As: $0.44
ColorReveal Capella Click Pen
E-2847 ~ As Low As: $0.45
Scripto Capital Click Pen
E-2854 ~ As Low As: $0.52
Shark Pen
P-1218 ~ As Low As: $0.53
Tear Drop Mini Light Key Tag
K-0087 ~ As Low As: $0.53
Frosted Sedona Click Pen
P-00416 ~ As Low As: $0.54
Canadian Flag Bag
B-2566 ~ As Low As: $0.54
Color Twin-Write Pen/Highlighter
P-1234 ~ As Low As: $0.56
Pearl Click Pen
P-0266 ~ As Low As: $0.56
Folding Nail File In Sleeve
H-0495 ~ As Low As: $0.59
Spirit Drink Insulator
K-0545 ~ As Low As: $0.62
The Tango Gel Pen
P-1103 ~ As Low As: $0.62
Monster Click Pen
P-00232 ~ As Low As: $0.64
Funky Chunky Pencil Shaped Sharpener
P-0153 ~ As Low As: $0.68
Valve-system Fluorescent Highlighter
P-0221 ~ As Low As: $0.71
Silverlite Pen/Highlighter
P-1268 ~ As Low As: $0.71
Scripto Hive Twist Pen
E-2880 ~ As Low As: $0.79
The Jubilee Felt Media Holder
D-1176 ~ As Low As: $0.80
Whirl Mini Beach Ball
B-2679 ~ As Low As: $0.80
4 In 1 Desk Needs
C-0300 ~ As Low As: $0.80
The Jubilee Felt Keychain
K-0606 ~ As Low As: $0.80
Skateboard Key Chains
T-0328 ~ As Low As: $0.81
USA Good Scents Click Pen
P-1194 ~ As Low As: $0.84
Manhattan Twist Pen
P-1260 ~ As Low As: $0.86
Awareness Ribbon Clip
D-0207 ~ As Low As: $0.86
Value Non Woven Tote Bag
D-0733 ~ As Low As: $0.86
20 Ounce Water Bottle with Sports Grip
M-0243 ~ As Low As: $0.87
Binder Clip Pen
P-1112 ~ As Low As: $0.88
Stress Reliever Football Key Tag
S-0080 ~ As Low As: $0.89
Stress Reliever Baseball Key Tag
S-0083 ~ As Low As: $0.89
Translucent Maracas
T-0388 ~ As Low As: $0.89
Ribbon Stress Reliever
S-0413 ~ As Low As: $0.89
Tin Man Media Stand and Cord Wrap
T-0855 ~ As Low As: $0.89
Mobile Device Holder
D-0834 ~ As Low As: $0.89
Memo Clip With Pen Holder
D-0990 ~ As Low As: $0.89
Telephone Letter Opener
D-1061 ~ As Low As: $0.89
Pocket Pad Stand
D-1116 ~ As Low As: $0.89
Standard Nonwoven Tote Bag
B-0750 ~ As Low As: $0.89
Stylus Screen Cleaner
D-1192 ~ As Low As: $0.89
Stylus And Screen Cleaner
D-1209 ~ As Low As: $0.89
16 Inch 2-Tone Beach Ball
T-0210 ~ As Low As: $0.95
10 Inch Red White and Blue Beach Ball
T-0207 ~ As Low As: $0.98
Memo Notebook With Pen
D-1095 ~ As Low As: $0.98
The Office Essential
D-0977 ~ As Low As: $0.98
Crayon Shaped Bank
D-0729 ~ As Low As: $0.99
Vinyl Stress Stars
S-0381 ~ As Low As: $0.99
Folding Zippered Bottle Cooler
M-0528 ~ As Low As: $1.03
16 Inch Multi Colored Beach Ball
T-0354 ~ As Low As: $1.04
Tool Kit Key Tag
T-0799 ~ As Low As: $1.04
Hammer Key Chain Stress Reliever
S-0362 ~ As Low As: $1.04
Nut & Bolt Stress Reliever
P-0083 ~ As Low As: $1.04
Zippy Tape Measure with Lock, Clip and Strap
T-0100 ~ As Low As: $1.06
Soccer Hackey Sack Stress Reliever
S-0367 ~ As Low As: $1.07
House Stress Reliever
S-0027 ~ As Low As: $1.07
D-0931 ~ As Low As: $1.11
Spring Stress Reliever
S-0048 ~ As Low As: $1.12
Blossom-Eco Pencil/Eraser
P-1125 ~ As Low As: $1.13
Square Led Key Chain
K-0398 ~ As Low As: $1.13
D-0711 ~ As Low As: $1.13
Neoprene Electronics Case
D-1140 ~ As Low As: $1.13
Mini Jotter Pad With Shorty Pen
D-1094 ~ As Low As: $1.13
EcoSafe Click
E-2581 ~ As Low As: $1.15
Mini Cottage/House Stress Reliever KeyTag
P-0088 ~ As Low As: $1.15
P-1110 ~ As Low As: $1.16
Round Shaped Credit Card Style Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Spray
H-0538 ~ As Low As: $1.16
House Paper Clip Holder
D-0319 ~ As Low As: $1.16
Monster Square Pen
P-00625 ~ As Low As: $1.18
Round Highlighter
P-1155 ~ As Low As: $1.19
Globe Spring Stress Reliever
S-0050 ~ As Low As: $1.21
Convenient Sized Clipboards
D-0704 ~ As Low As: $1.22
Fold-Up Vase
T-0641 ~ As Low As: $1.24
Curvy Bud Flexi-Vase
T-0691 ~ As Low As: $1.25
Stars and Stripes Hat Stress Reliever
S-0073 ~ As Low As: $1.25
Big Grip Retractable Highlighter
P-1094 ~ As Low As: $1.25
Star Shaped Highlighter
P-00451 ~ As Low As: $1.25
Easi-Notes Pocket Pack/Card Holder
D-1032 ~ As Low As: $1.25
Tri Magna Clip
D-1001 ~ As Low As: $1.25
Scissors in Sleeve
D-0137 ~ As Low As: $1.25
USA Flag Spring Stress Reliever
S-0049 ~ As Low As: $1.28
Square Spring Stress Reliever
S-0051 ~ As Low As: $1.29
Laminated Non-Woven Mini Dot Tote
E-2848 ~ As Low As: $1.33
Fire Hydrant Stress Reliever
S-0070 ~ As Low As: $1.34
Designer Series Flexi-Vase
T-0690 ~ As Low As: $1.34
USA Maraca Noisemaker
T-0208 ~ As Low As: $1.34
Medium Zipper Tote Bag
B-0768 ~ As Low As: $1.38
Deluxe 7 Day Pill Center
H-0564 ~ As Low As: $1.39
Thumbs up stress reliever
P-0084 ~ As Low As: $1.40
Document Holder
B-2553 ~ As Low As: $1.42
Beach Bum Inflatable Pillow
B-2681 ~ As Low As: $1.43
Deskpad With Sticky Notes
C-0470 ~ As Low As: $1.43
Stock Shaped Monitor Stick-Its
D-1004 ~ As Low As: $1.43
Eco Flexi-Vase
T-0692 ~ As Low As: $1.43
White Board Tape Measure
T-0741 ~ As Low As: $1.43
Kingston Click Pen
E-2803 ~ As Low As: $1.44
Oxford Mini Twist Pen
E-1057 ~ As Low As: $1.49
School Bus Stress Reliever
S-0054 ~ As Low As: $1.52
Puzzle Stress Reliever
S-0088 ~ As Low As: $1.52
Non-Woven PolyPro Zippered Tote
E-2774 ~ As Low As: $1.69
Liberty Bell Stress Reliever
S-0353 ~ As Low As: $1.70
Note Pad Jotter with Pen
D-0600 ~ As Low As: $1.71
Zoom Wrap
E-2900 ~ As Low As: $1.78
Fin (3-in-1 Bottle Opener)
E-2672 ~ As Low As: $1.78
Smiley Lens Cleaner
H-0518 ~ As Low As: $1.78
Solar Flashlight Key Chain
K-0543 ~ As Low As: $1.79
PolyClean Auto Bottle 28 Ounce
M-0241 ~ As Low As: $1.79
Owl Stress Reliever
S-0203 ~ As Low As: $1.79
Hot Dog Stress Reliever
S-0086 ~ As Low As: $1.79
The Fusion Flashlight
T-0644 ~ As Low As: $1.79
Flexi Book Light
T-0404 ~ As Low As: $1.79
Spiral Sticky Notes
D-1177 ~ As Low As: $1.79
Spiral Notebook With Pouch
D-1097 ~ As Low As: $1.79
Fold-A-Tote Bag
B-2486 ~ As Low As: $1.79
Monterey Ballpoint Click Pen
P-0212 ~ As Low As: $1.88
5 X 7 Spiral Notebook & Pen
B-0870 ~ As Low As: $1.94
Hope Laminated Non-Woven Gift Tote Bag
E-2694 ~ As Low As: $1.96
Hermosa Water Bag With Carabiner
M-1435 ~ As Low As: $1.97
Squishy Grip Metal Click Pen
P-0061 ~ As Low As: $1.99
High Tech Flashlight With Clear PVC Wrist Band
T-0795 ~ As Low As: $2.03
Neon PolyClean Sipper Bottle
M-1393 ~ As Low As: $2.06
Maya Two Tone Ceramic Mug
M-1376 ~ As Low As: $2.12
HydroPouch 24 oz. Tire Collapsible Water Bottle
M-1326 ~ As Low As: $2.12
HydroPouch 24 oz. Volley Ball Collapsible Water Bottle
M-1328 ~ As Low As: $2.12
HydroPouch 24 oz. Tennis Ball Collapsible Water Bottle
M-1329 ~ As Low As: $2.12
HydroPouch 24 oz. Golf Ball Collapsible Water Bottle
M-1330 ~ As Low As: $2.12
HydroPouch 24 oz.Soccer Ball Collapsible Water Bottle
M-1331 ~ As Low As: $2.12
HydroPouch 24 oz.Baseball Collapsible Water Bottle
M-1332 ~ As Low As: $2.12
HydroPouch 24 oz.Basketball Collapsible Water Bottle
M-1333 ~ As Low As: $2.12
HydroPouch 16 oz.Football Collapsible Water Bottle
M-1334 ~ As Low As: $2.12
Navigator Sunglasses
T-0682 ~ As Low As: $2.24
Flexi Brush Dude Stress Releiver
S-0407 ~ As Low As: $2.24
GameTime!™ Baseball Drawstring Backpack
B-2442 ~ As Low As: $2.24
GameTime!™ Basketball Drawstring Backpack
B-2443 ~ As Low As: $2.24
GameTime!™ Soccer Ball Drawstring Backpack
B-2444 ~ As Low As: $2.24
GameTime!™ Tennis Ball Drawstring Backpack
B-2446 ~ As Low As: $2.24
GameTime!™ Football Drawstring Backpack
B-2447 ~ As Low As: $2.24
D-1011 ~ As Low As: $2.25
Prima Key Tag
K-0408 ~ As Low As: $2.30
Aura Ceramic Mug
M-1377 ~ As Low As: $2.40
Fountain Soda Tumbler With Straw
M-1429 ~ As Low As: $2.42
Zapata Mug - Pastel
M-1434 ~ As Low As: $2.42
Spiral Notebook With Sticky Notes
D-0633 ~ As Low As: $2.48
Planet Pocket Tote Bag
B-2482 ~ As Low As: $2.51
Galaxy Series Rosewood Ballpoint Twist Pen
P-1171 ~ As Low As: $2.51
Dakota Ceramic Mug
M-1371 ~ As Low As: $2.58
Oxford Mini Dual Ballpoint and Stylus
E-2896 ~ As Low As: $2.68
Magic Answer Pen
P-1095 ~ As Low As: $2.68
Gemstone Aluminum Sport Bottle
M-1436 ~ As Low As: $2.69
Tria Click Pen
E-1162 ~ As Low As: $2.70
Contempo Tote Bag
B-0617 ~ As Low As: $2.75
Regency Leatherette Business Card Case
D-0538 ~ As Low As: $2.78
Mood Pocket Can Cooler
K-0592 ~ As Low As: $2.78
Crossroads Identification Tag
E-1632 ~ As Low As: $2.86
4 Alarm Pill Box
H-0554 ~ As Low As: $2.87
Non-woven 5 X 7 Polk-a-dot Padfolio
B-0865 ~ As Low As: $2.93
Vanity Pocket Mirror
D-0382 ~ As Low As: $2.96
Multi-Lens Pocket Magnifier
D-0930 ~ As Low As: $2.96
Calculator with Business Card Case
D-0130 ~ As Low As: $3.02
Fiesta 20-Oz. Ball With Straw
M-1586 ~ As Low As: $3.05
Alicia Klein® Pull Tab Cardholder
E-2605 ~ As Low As: $3.13
Fresca BPA Free Sport Bottle
E-2865 ~ As Low As: $3.13
The LED Slimline Multi Tool With Clip
E-2871 ~ As Low As: $3.13
Flexi-Bottle Chiller
B-2606 ~ As Low As: $3.14
The Tahiti Sports Bottle - 25 OZ
M-1427 ~ As Low As: $3.14
Belly Wobbler Stress Reliever
S-0406 ~ As Low As: $3.14
Cinch Up Backpack Cooler Bag
B-0766 ~ As Low As: $3.23
Super Dome Bubble Cups Mug
M-1217 ~ As Low As: $3.28
Legacy Leatherette Split ring Key Holder
D-0539 ~ As Low As: $3.29
Echo Convention Tote Bag
E-2923 ~ As Low As: $3.31
Imagination Highlighter Caddy
D-0862 ~ As Low As: $3.32
Premier Flag and Sticky Note Set
D-0917 ~ As Low As: $3.41
Calc N Sticky Pack
D-1010 ~ As Low As: $3.41
16 OZ Grip N Go Grande Mug
M-1316 ~ As Low As: $3.50
18 Oz. BPA Free Bottle With Pop Up Lid
M-0810 ~ As Low As: $3.56
Brookline Dual Ballpoint Stylus
E-2897 ~ As Low As: $3.58
Our Team Jersey Game Day Pouch
E-2706 ~ As Low As: $3.58
Gel Pad Case
D-1146 ~ As Low As: $3.59
10 Oz. 2 Piece Coaster Mug
M-1516 ~ As Low As: $3.59
Sedici Surge Tumbler
M-1456 ~ As Low As: $3.85
Fizz Acrylic Tumbler Mug
E-2807 ~ As Low As: $3.85
Green Grass JournalBook
E-2699 ~ As Low As: $4.03
Contemporary 5in X 7in Portfolio
D-0619 ~ As Low As: $4.05
Majestic Photo Bookmark
D-0888 ~ As Low As: $4.10
Cabernet Pour/Stopper Combination
E-2593 ~ As Low As: $4.12
A-0023 ~ As Low As: $4.13
M-1419 ~ As Low As: $4.18
Embroidered Heavy Brushed Cotton Twill Cap
A-0158 ~ As Low As: $4.28
66 Crusin Mug
M-1087 ~ As Low As: $4.34
Fold n Tote Shopper Bag
B-2485 ~ As Low As: $4.46
Alicia Klein® Photo Frame Mousepad
E-2611 ~ As Low As: $4.48
Evolution Journal
E-1408 ~ As Low As: $4.48
Sheen Aluminum Bottle
E-2827 ~ As Low As: $4.48
Crockett Sunglasses
E-2840 ~ As Low As: $4.48
Scripto Desk Mate Memo Valet Bundle
E-2744 ~ As Low As: $4.48
Crossing 7-In-1 Survival Tool
E-2858 ~ As Low As: $4.48
Satellite Aluminum Bottle
M-1389 ~ As Low As: $4.48
Stainless Sedici Tumbler
M-1455 ~ As Low As: $4.48
17 oz. Aluminum Canteen Bottle
M-1108 ~ As Low As: $4.49
Large Calculator With Sound
D-0625 ~ As Low As: $4.49
Terra Card Holder
D-0379 ~ As Low As: $4.58
Double Stitch Tote Bag
B-0368 ~ As Low As: $4.67
Non-woven 8 1/2 X 11 Polk-a-dot Padfolio
B-0867 ~ As Low As: $4.73
Enterprise 5 x 7 Portfolio
D-1163 ~ As Low As: $4.73
Dual Cap Aluminum Bottle
E-2863 ~ As Low As: $4.75
Marino Mirror Finish Stainles Steel Bottle
M-1309 ~ As Low As: $4.93
Large Calculator
D-0157 ~ As Low As: $4.95
Ice Grocery Tote Bag
B-2493 ~ As Low As: $4.95
A-0020 ~ As Low As: $5.18
Sturbridge Tote Bag
B-2487 ~ As Low As: $5.36
Catch All
E-2872 ~ As Low As: $5.38
Zoom Stand For Phones
E-2904 ~ As Low As: $5.38
Brighton Splash BPA Free Sport Bottle
E-2887 ~ As Low As: $5.38
Hampton Roller Ball Pen
E-2751 ~ As Low As: $5.38
Cool Gear Chiller Tumbler Mug
E-2806 ~ As Low As: $5.38
Skyline Brief Bag
E-1725 ~ As Low As: $5.38
Classic Cotton Box Tote Bag
E-1548 ~ As Low As: $5.38
Sleek Tumbler 15oz
E-2954 ~ As Low As: $5.65
Scripto Executive Assistant Memo Valet Bundle
E-2741 ~ As Low As: $5.83
Color Twist Tumbler
E-2830 ~ As Low As: $5.83
16 Oz. Double Wall Gripper Bottle
M-1477 ~ As Low As: $5.84
Plush Big Paw Panda With Shirt
T-0900 ~ As Low As: $5.85
Eco-Logic Mug - 18 OZ
M-1078 ~ As Low As: $5.97
Wood Base Desk Plaque
D-0533 ~ As Low As: $6.11
Optical Mini Mouse
E-2543 ~ As Low As: $6.19
Canteen Stainless Sport Bottle
M-1308 ~ As Low As: $6.28
42 Inch Slim Stick Auto Folding Stromberg Umbrella
U-0112 ~ As Low As: $6.28
Vertical Messenger/Tote Bag
B-2612 ~ As Low As: $6.29
Balance 3000 Bracelet
E-2929 ~ As Low As: $6.55
Double Wall Glass Tumbler
M-1310 ~ As Low As: $6.73
Zoom Stand For Tablets
E-2905 ~ As Low As: $7.18
Enterprise 8-1/2 x 11 Portfolio
D-1162 ~ As Low As: $7.43
Compact Brief Umbrella
U-0131 ~ As Low As: $7.45
Zoom 7 Inch Sleeve
E-2953 ~ As Low As: $7.63
Boundaries 18 Duffel Bag
E-2856 ~ As Low As: $7.63
Cool Gear Deluxe Cereal Kit Container
E-2776 ~ As Low As: $7.81
New Connections Dual Compartment Lunch Cooler
E-1425 ~ As Low As: $8.08
Garrity 2D Tuff Lite -T5
E-1269 ~ As Low As: $8.98
Phantom Tumbler Mug
E-1345 ~ As Low As: $8.98
Cozy Fleece Blanket
E-2713 ~ As Low As: $8.98
Handy Mate Flashlight Multi-Tool
E-2890 ~ As Low As: $8.98
Cape Hatteras Bote Cotton Canvas Tote
B-2714 ~ As Low As: $8.98
Thumb Press Tumbler
E-2826 ~ As Low As: $8.98
The Nicole Quilted Shopper Tote Bag
E-2928 ~ As Low As: $8.98
43 in Arc Umbrella
U-0090 ~ As Low As: $8.99
Manhasset Smart Phone Holder
D-0898 ~ As Low As: $9.86
Garrity Magnetic 9 LED Bendable Flashlight
E-2892 ~ As Low As: $10.33
Dickson Jr. Writing Pad
E-2948 ~ As Low As: $10.33
58 Inch Vented Folding Golf Stromberg Umbrella
U-0115 ~ As Low As: $10.78
StaySafe Portable First Aid Kit
E-1219 ~ As Low As: $10.78
The Nicole Gloss Tote Bag
B-2460 ~ As Low As: $10.78
Crossroads Magnetic Memo Board
E-0969 ~ As Low As: $11.23
Soho Photo Pencil Cup
D-1046 ~ As Low As: $11.66
Safety Joe Escape Tool
E-2893 ~ As Low As: $11.68
Mega Stretchable Flashlight
E-2813 ~ As Low As: $12.13
42 Inch Auto Open/Close Stromberg Umbrella
U-0116 ~ As Low As: $12.58
Plandome Manicure Set
T-0884 ~ As Low As: $12.83
62 Inch Tour Golf Safety Stromberg Umbrella
U-0118 ~ As Low As: $13.48
Cool Gear Collapsible All Purpose To Go Set
E-2888 ~ As Low As: $13.48
Brixen Journalbook
E-2786 ~ As Low As: $14.38
Trunk Caddy
E-1457 ~ As Low As: $14.38
Mia Sport Duffel
E-2881 ~ As Low As: $14.83
Dickson Writing Pad
E-2947 ~ As Low As: $14.83
Concord Travel Wine Set
E-1291 ~ As Low As: $15.55
Personal Travel Pair GIft Set
M-0167 ~ As Low As: $15.75
Garrity 3AAA L.E.D. Flashlight - K9
E-1270 ~ As Low As: $16.18
Full Color Coaster Set
M-1593 ~ As Low As: $17.06
42 Inch Highlander Folding Auto Umbrella
U-0141 ~ As Low As: $17.08
Windy Jr Windproof Golf Umbrella
U-0002 ~ As Low As: $17.91
Brixen Zippered Padfolio
E-2787 ~ As Low As: $17.98
Arctic Zone 20-Can Cooler Backpack
E-2843 ~ As Low As: $17.98
Oil and Vinegar Fire Extinguisher Set
E-2717 ~ As Low As: $18.61
Cutter & Buck Facet Twist Pen
E-1207 ~ As Low As: $18.88
Wingtip Writing Pad
E-2791 ~ As Low As: $18.88
Wingtip Writing Pad
E-2755 ~ As Low As: $18.88
Cutter & Buck Facet Roller Ball Stick Pen
E-1263 ~ As Low As: $19.78
Our Team Hoodie Messenger Bag
E-2709 ~ As Low As: $20.68
Alicia Klein IPad Notetaker
E-2914 ~ As Low As: $21.58
Vertical Glass Coaster Set
M-1594 ~ As Low As: $22.46
Grill Mate BBQ Set
E-1217 ~ As Low As: $24.28
Metropolitan Desktop Charging Station amd Stand
E-2916 ~ As Low As: $25.18
Adirondack Champagne and Wine Holder 
B-0956 ~ As Low As: $32.36
Case Logic Trunk Organizer
E-1598 ~ As Low As: $35.98
Executive Putter Set
E-1215 ~ As Low As: $38.23
Griffin Elan Passport For IPad
E-2783 ~ As Low As: $40.48

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