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The magnets came today! They are great!
I am very pleased with them and the weight of them! They really seem to hold well too!
Cheryl McMahon
Terranetti's Italian Bakery
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41 Inch Classic Folding Stromberg Umbrella
U-0111 ~ As Low As: $5.92
42 Inch Slim Stick Auto Folding Stromberg Umbrella
U-0112 ~ As Low As: $6.28
46 inch Arc Clear Umbrella
U-0145 ~ As Low As: $6.30
Small Folding Auto Open Umbrella
U-0007 ~ As Low As: $6.64
Deluxe Folding Umbrella
U-0080 ~ As Low As: $6.74
Standard Automatic Umbrella
U-0081 ~ As Low As: $7.20
Compact Brief Umbrella
U-0131 ~ As Low As: $7.45
48 Inch Arc umbrella
U-0110 ~ As Low As: $7.65
Bubble Clear Umbrella
U-0061 ~ As Low As: $7.88
48 Inch Universal Auto Stromberg Umbrella
U-0113 ~ As Low As: $8.08
60 Inch Arc Golf umbrella
U-0109 ~ As Low As: $8.09
44in Arc Telescopic Folding Wood Handle Umbrella
U-0091 ~ As Low As: $8.09
46in Arc Umbrella
U-0084 ~ As Low As: $8.09
42 Inch High Sierra Feather Weight Umbrella
E-2934 ~ As Low As: $8.98
46in Arc Spectrum Umbrella
U-0086 ~ As Low As: $8.99
60in Arc Ultra Lightweight
U-0087 ~ As Low As: $8.99
46in Arc Edge Two-tone Umbrella
U-0088 ~ As Low As: $8.99
43 in Arc Umbrella
U-0090 ~ As Low As: $8.99
42 Inch Auto Folding Safety Stromberg Umbrella
U-0117 ~ As Low As: $9.25
58 Inch Folding Golf Stromberg Umbrella
U-0114 ~ As Low As: $9.88
56in Arc Giant Telescopic Folding Umbrella
U-0092 ~ As Low As: $9.89
58 Inch Vented Folding Golf Stromberg Umbrella
U-0115 ~ As Low As: $10.78
46in Arc Two-tone Umbrella
U-0089 ~ As Low As: $10.79
Tube Umbrella Flashlight
U-0157 ~ As Low As: $11.69
Mini Umbrellas with Metal Tube
U-0102 ~ As Low As: $12.02
Totes Auto Open Folding Umbrella
U-0151 ~ As Low As: $12.38
42 Inch Auto Open/Close Stromberg Umbrella
U-0116 ~ As Low As: $12.58
42 Inch Auto Open Flashlight Umbrella
E-2943 ~ As Low As: $12.58
Rain or Shine Light Umbrella
U-0156 ~ As Low As: $12.59
Totes Brand Umbrella Auto Open/Close
U-0128 ~ As Low As: $13.30
62 Inch Tour Golf Safety Stromberg Umbrella
U-0118 ~ As Low As: $13.48
48 Inch EcoSmart Stick Umbrella
U-0133 ~ As Low As: $13.48
Blue Sky Automatic Folding Umbrella
U-0124 ~ As Low As: $13.50
Cow - Totes Critters Umbrella
U-0159 ~ As Low As: $14.74
Penguin - Totes Critters Umbrella
U-0160 ~ As Low As: $14.74
The High Rise Umbrella
U-0154 ~ As Low As: $15.30
Windy Mini Windproof Golf Umbrella
U-0001 ~ As Low As: $15.93
62 Inch Course Vented Golf Stromberg Umbrella
U-0119 ~ As Low As: $16.18
60 inch Arc Square Umbrella
U-0100 ~ As Low As: $16.65
42 Inch Highlander Folding Auto Umbrella
U-0141 ~ As Low As: $17.08
Windy Jr Windproof Golf Umbrella
U-0002 ~ As Low As: $17.91
Storm Flextech 62 Inch arc Golf Umbrella
U-0006 ~ As Low As: $18.45
60 Inch Slazenger Fairway Vented Golf Umbrella
U-0135 ~ As Low As: $18.88
46 Inch Chairman Auto Open/Close Vented Umbrella
E-2850 ~ As Low As: $19.78
Totes Stormbeater Golf Stick Umbrella
U-0153 ~ As Low As: $20.23
The Windy Windproof Golf Umbrella
U-0003 ~ As Low As: $20.24
60 inch Slazenger Cube Golf Umbrella
E-2939 ~ As Low As: $22.48
64 Inch Slazenger Caddy Vented Automatic Golf Umbrella
U-0136 ~ As Low As: $22.48
The Sabre Umbrella
U-0155 ~ As Low As: $22.49
 viewing 1-49 of 49  Sort By: <<  < previous  1  2  3  next >  >>  |  view all
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